Citation Machine
Research often involves two types of data. The first and the most common one is the representation of others’ ideas with personal interpretation. In contrast, the second type involves data representation as an original author. Between these two, the former needs proper citation of original authors but the latter does not need them. Further, if your idea hits someone else’s interest, he/she must need to cite you for avoiding plagiarism.

For citation of dissertation, there are many alternative tools that a student should use for free. But before referring to them, let’s see what a citation machine is;

Citation machine:

Citation machine refers to a global network that generates bibliographic references. Citation machines generates references according to the user’s commands in a few minutes. It can generate a citation in any of the following styles;
  • Citation Machine APA generator
  • Citation Machine Vancouver generator, and styles.
  • Citation Machine Chicago generator
  • Citation Machine MLA generator
  • A range of international style citation
But here, the topic of discussion is listing the alternative tolls of citation machines. In this context, some free citation tools are as follows;


This website allows students to get an immediate citation in no time. After you log in to the website, a dialogue box pops out on your screen. Through this box, MyBib collects data for judging what the user wants. In the middle of the page, MyBib presents a list of different referencing styles. You can select any one of your choices, as shown in the figure. On this page, you can paste your URL within the search bar. Before giving the final result, it also asks where you collected the data (website, book, or others). Hence, after clicking on the search option, you can generate the citation. Another most exciting feature of MyBib is its ability to generate a citation in about 9000 styles.


The theme of BibGuru is more attractive as compared to MyBib. So BibGuru is one of the fastest citation machines. It is fascinating due to its user-friendly format. In its own words, BibGuru is “a clean and simple way of creating citations”. Still, it never needs signing up from the students. You can generate citations without making an account on BibGuru official sites. Apart from the variety of citation styles, it also provides users with help from reference styling guides. In the search bar, you can paste the following;
  1. The title of article
  2. The URL of website
  3. The title of the book
  4. The name of the journal

Then you need to select the citation style. It will create a reference that will be ready to paste into the bibliography section. It helps you in copying the in-text citations as well. Further, the minimum adds flashing feature of BibGuru which decreases its reader’s frustration. Hence, students often like it the most.


As the name suggests, BibMe stands for bibliography for me. It is the most useful alternative tool of citation machines available on the internet. It also provides citations in a variety of styles. BibMe is effective enough for conducting research regarding several sources of information with a single click. It can access almost all digital sources of information. Through BibMe you can create citations from online books, journals, and websites. Apart from this, BibMe can also help you in checking plagiarism. In this way, by following the suggestions, you can ignore words that resemble someone else’s words.

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Citation generator

Citation generator is also an important online tool like all the above mentioned tools. It can cite every digital source of information. A content generator demands a certain set of information from its users. This information includes publication date, URL, or author names for citation generation. After providing all types of information, it will help you in creating your bibliography.

Cites this for me

Cite this for me is amongst the popular citation machines. It was launched in 2010. The mission behind this site is to help students in the making of perfect citations within a few minutes. With this mission, cite this for me is running with millions of users. In the UK, Australia, US, and other regions, students’ favourite citation machine is Cite this for me. Its working principle is quite similar to the ones described above.

All these Citation machines are effective in creating a citation. They are free to use and easy to access. So you can select any one of your choices as a writing assistant.