The paragraphs are the building blocks of academic writings and reports. Hence, the success of the academic report depends on the structure of the paragraph. In other words, a well-structured paragraph will produce something attractive for the readers. The aim of this essay is to spread awareness in students about how to structure a paragraph. The structure of paragraph is consisting of three main components. The components of the first paragraph of a report are topic sentence, supporting details, thesis statement and concluding sentence. But all other paragraphs lack thesis statements. Following are the description of all components of a paragraph.

1) Thesis Statement

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The structure of first paragraph of a report is different from other paragraphs. The introductory paragraph also includes thesis statements as an essential component. The location of a thesis statement is at the last of the introductory paragraph. The purpose of the thesis statement is, to sum up the central idea of the whole academic report. Thesis statement aims to give an overview of all the facts you will discuss in paragraphs.

The Qualities Of A Thesis Statement Include:

  • It must be close to the title of the report
  • It should be something other than the title of the report
  • It must have the potential to construct the whole body of the report.

2) Topic Sentence

The topic sentence gives the central idea of whole paragraph. The thesis statement and cheap dissertation writing services topic sentence are somewhat meant for similar purposes. The thesis statement describes the idea of report while topic sentence describes the idea of a paragraph. So, the topic sentence must be concise and straightforward. It should ease the reader to get the essence of the whole paragraph. Important points that help to write a topic sentence are.

  • Topic sentences should be concise
  • They should narrow down the main ideas of the thesis statement.
  • They appear near the first few lines of a paragraph.
  • Their purpose is to describe the essence of the paragraph.
  • It must save people from the extensive reading.
  • The aim of writing a topic sentence is to give quick idea to reader.

Example Of Topic Sentence Includes:

  • Global warming is increasing every day because of the ever-increasing population of the world.
  • First few lines of a paragraph give reader a view about the topic of interest. The above statement tells us that we are going to link global warming and human population. After successful construction of topic sentence, the body of paragraph will prove the topic sentence. The body of the paragraph consists of supporting details.

3) Supporting Sentence:

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No claim in the world is acceptable without evidence. To prove an academic claim, the evidence is also very important. Right after, the topic sentence is the place for the supporting details. Brainstorming, effective outline and dissertation writing service good research skills are ways to find supporting derails. The supporting sentence occupies the central part of the paragraph hence known as the body of the paragraph. In simpler words, the paragraph makes the body of a report while supporting details make the body of a paragraph.

Types Of Supporting Details:

In academic writing, the argumentative and supporting details are of six types:
  • Proof, usually in Mathematics.
  • Descriptive is usually used in Literature and Linguistics.
  • Vocabulary is also used in Linguistics.
  • Voices are often used in legal studies.
  • Importance is often used to describe the need for a scientific mechanism.
  • Use of statistics in all fields; it increases the authenticity of the claim.

Examples Of Supporting Details Of The Topic Sentence

  • Global warming is increasing every day because of the ever-increasing population of the world'
  • The cause of global warming is accumulation of greenhouse gases due to human activities like burning and farming. The current population of the world is approximately 7892,996,374, and the birth rate per day is 178,528. With the increase in world population, the number of automobile users increasing. More automobiles on roads increase the burning of fossil fuels. The fossil fuel burning increases the percentage of greenhouses in atmosphere. Greenhouse gases are the cause of global warming.
  • Hence, in his case the use of stats and brief description help us to prove a link in global warming and population. You can provide as many supporting details as you can to support your claim and argument. But the total length of the paragraph must not exceed the 150-200 words limit.

4) Concluding Sentence

Concluding sentences are the last few lines of a paragraph in an academic writing. These sentences aim to conclude the arrangement of a paragraph. So, these lines should be clear and concise. Another, feature of such sentences is to highlight the findings of extracted. Strong conclusion will have strong impression on readers’ mind. few things that must be a part of concluding sentences are:

  • Rewrite your thesis statement in a way you proved it.
  • Do not introduce anything new in the concluding sections
  • Try to sum up your arguments.
  • It will help if you are clear about your findings.
  • Concluding lines must highlight the significance of your thesis statement.
  • The conclusion needs to be short, concise, precise, to the point, and relevant.

The location of concluding sentence is at the end of the paragraph. Table 1 presents some phrase that can help you to make your conclusion impressive.

Table 1: Some Introductory Phrases To Start The Concluding Section Of Every Paragraph

The phrase that can make your conclusion impressive

In the light of evidence

The paper concludes by arguing

In conclusion

Nevertheless, we find

To acknowledge this argument

Present findings confirm

 Example Of Concluding Sentence:

'with the increase in world population, the number of automobile users are increasing. The burning of fossil fuel is also increasing due to increase in automobiles. These factors are the cause of global warming.